• Rainbow Belle's Enchanted Paintbrush

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  • It was a bright and sunny day in Bellevue and Rainbow Belle was in her garden.

  • She decided to paint a pretty picture of a ladybird for her friend Butterfly Belle.

  • She painted a bright blue sky...

  • She painted a big green leaf...

  • But when she came to paint the ladybird, she couldn't find her red paint pot!

  • Rainbow Belle looked everywhere for her red paint pot...

  • She looked in the bushes, but there was no red paint there!

  • She looked all around the studio in Pot of Gold Place where she lives,
    but there was no red paint there!

  • She looked behind the tree, but there was no red paint there!

  • She couldn't find the red paint pot anywhere. What would she do?

  • Just then, Love Belle fluttered by.
    Rainbow Belle told her friend all about the missing paint pot.

  • "I can't finish my ladybird picture without it!" said Rainbow Belle, sadly.

  • "Have you forgotten your favourite thing?" jingled Love Belle.

  • Rainbow Belle looked puzzled.
    "Your enchanted paintbrush!" chuckled Love Belle.

  • Rainbow Belle had forgotten about it.
    When she dips it into magic dust, she can paint any colour of the rainbow!

  • Rainbow Belle quickly fetched her handbag
    and dipped her paintbrush into the magic dust.

  • She closed her eyes and wished very hard for red.

  • A few minutes later, she had finished her ladybird painting
    and what a beautiful red ladybird it was!

  • Rainbow Belle and Love Belle fluttered together
    to give the lovely ladybird painting to Butterfly Belle.

  • Butterfly Belle loved it, of course,
    and the three Magic Belles jingled together in harmony!

  • The Belles had so much fun, they spent the rest of the day painting pretty pictures
    with the help of Rainbow Belle's wonderful, enchanted paintbrush!
    The End