Grace’s Happiest Star

The Happiest Star

The Happiest Star

How special is this bright and shiny picture sent in to us by Grace who’s aged 6 and from Cumbria? She called it ‘The Happiest Star’! What a lovely name!

Grace’s favourite Magic Belle is Star Belle, because she loves how the stars twinkle in the sky. Well Grace, Star Belle thinks your picture is wonderful and she’s going to hang it on the wall of her star-gazing dome at Twinkle Towers! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

We love to see your art here in Bellevue. Just email it to us and we’ll feature it here in our Fairy Fans Art section, just like Grace’s beautiful picture! Why not draw your favourite Special Wonder? Is it cupcakes or butterflies? Stars or rainbows? We can’t wait to see them! xxx

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