Sweet Strawberry Pendant

Magic Make! Sweet Strawberry Pendant

Flower Belle has a flutterly lovely craft idea for you – print out our super cute paper strawberry and turn it into a pretty pendant! Why not give it someone special, like your mum? Find out how to make it in easy steps... Make a Sweet ... more →
Magical Moss!

Wednesday Wonder: Magical Moss!

Flower Belle adores moss – it’s pretty and often velvety soft to touch - and it makes a very good fairy cushion or bed! Let’s learn more about magical moss. Moss was one of the first plants to grow on planet Earth. Experts think it came ... more →
Strawberries and Ice Cream Pancake

Wednesday Wonder: Pancakes!

Yum yum! It's Pancake Day next Tuesday and hip hip hooray... Cupcake Belle has been cooking up some delicious ideas for you! Pancake Day doesn't happen all over the world, so you may be wondering what it is. It's also known as Shrove Tuesday and ... more →
Make a Mossy Terrarium

Magic Make! Mossy Terrarium

Make Flower Belle’s magical mossy mini world in a glass jar! Here’s how to do it. Make a Mossy Terrarium You need: Red craft foam Scissors Black felt-tip Clean, empty jar Small pebbles or stones Soil Few pieces of moss Small pieces of bark Leaves, twigs, acorns or succulents (optional) Cut out a small oval from the ... more →
Make a Cute Beehive!

Magic Make: Busy Beehive!

Honey bees are just one of the important garden bugs that Butterfly Belle cares for! Why not make your own little honey bee hive to care for, using soft yellow wool and sweet funny-face bees? Here's how to make it... Butterfly Belle's Busy Beehive You need: ... more →
Love Belle's Heart Bag

Magic Make: Love Belle's Heart Bag

This cute felt bag is so easy to make and it looks just like the heart on Love Belle's pink dress! It's perfect for storing little Valentine’s treats to give out to your best friends or why not surprise a special Valentine and give it ... more →
Twinkly Lanterns

Magic Make: Twinkly Lanterns!

Pop little LED tea lights inside these sparkly felt Magic Belles lanterns to make a special decoration for your room! Star Belle shows you and an adult helper how to make them... Make Twinkly Lanterns Our printable paper template Scissors Sparkly white felt Iron Needle White thread LED tea lights Print out our Twinkly ... more →
Cute red mushroom

Magic Make: Rainbow Mushrooms

Why not give your Christmas tree a magical woodland theme this year? Rainbow Belle’s pretty, multicoloured mushrooms make brilliant decorations! Here's how to make them... Rainbow Belle's Rainbow Mushrooms You need: Pencil Paper Scissors Felt in all colours of the rainbow, plus white and peach Fabric glue Ribbon Needle White thread Cotton wool balls On a ... more →

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