Flutters about: Your Art

Erin’s Magic Belles

There were so many talented young artists at the West London Tots fair we attended recently – it made us so happy to see so much fantastic art and to … more

Colourful Cupcake Belle

We were recently lucky enough to attend a lovely fair for West London Tots, raising money for a very important and special charity, Kids Company. The Magic Belles took … more

Caitlin’s Cupcake Belle!

Thank you to our sweet friend, Caitlin, for sending in this wonderful picture of Cupcake Belle! Isn’t it fab? Caitlin is aged 6 and from Derby. She loves to … more

Our friend Indy!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing your amazing pictures of special wonders and, today, we wanted to do a special post to thank our good friend Indy from Lanzarote … more

Lemonade Rainbow!

How lovely and colourful! Our Flutterbud friend Emily, who’s aged 6 and from Colchester, found this rainbow on her kitchen table! It’s caused by the sunlight shining through the … more

Naima’s Rainbow Belle

We’re so lucky! This is our second Rainbow Belle picture this week. This one is by our lovely little friend Naima who just loves to paint and draw! She … more

Rainbow Belle by Ella

Rainbow Belle just loves this picture of her, drawn by the very talented Ella. And she’s not the only one who thinks it’s brilliant – the lovely people at … more

Sophie’s Butterfly Belle

How amazing is this picture of Butterfly Belle by Sophie? We’re jumping with joy to see it – what a fab little artist you are, Sophie! Butterfly Belle is … more

Sweet Snowdrops!

Spring is on its way at long last and Flower Belle is working her magic – these sweet little snowdrops are proof of that! Many thanks to Jemima from … more

Flower Belle by Molly

Our super-special Flutterbud Friend Molly, who’s 5 years old and lives in Whitley Bay, sent us this flutterly lovely picture of Flower Belle in her pretty party dress, which … more