Magic Make: Friendship Bracelets

Fab Friendship Bracelets

Fab Friendship Bracelets

Do you know who has the loveliest job in the whole wide world? It’s Love Belle – every day, she flutters around with her pink heart guitar, playing pretty ditties and spreading love and hugs.

Her friends in Bellevue are her favourite thing and she likes to make them pretty friendship bracelets as gifts. Why not make some for your friends, too?

How to make Love Belle’s friendship bracelets

You need:

A grown-up helper!
6 x 40cm lengths of embroidery cotton in three colours
Sticky tape

Start with 6 strings

  • Lay your lengths of cotton on a table and line them up so that like colours are next to each other, e.g. pink next to pink, blue next to blue. Tape one end of the cotton lengths to the table.
  • Group the like colours together in three pairs and plait them, just like hair.
  • When it’s long enough to wrap around a little wrist, tie a knot in each of the pairs and one big knot to secure them all. Trim the end with scissors.
  • Tie knots in the ends

  • Make different designs by doing tight plaits, loose plaits, a super twisty one or by taking three friendship bracelets and plaiting them all together! Try lots of different colours, too!

We hope you enjoy making them and that your friends like them, too! It will make Love Belle so happy and jingly if you all wear one this week! Love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

Our finished Friendship Bracelets

Our finished Friendship Bracelets

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