Magic Make: Love Belle’s Guitar

Love Belle Playing Her Guitar

If you ever feel in need of a cuddle and hear a little guitar twanging or a gentle jingle nearby, then it’s probably Love Belle fluttering by and working her magic for you!

Love Belle‘s pink heart guitar doesn’t just look fab, she can play all kinds of wonderful tunes on it – famous songs that you probably know, happy pop songs and lovely lullabies that’s she made up all by herself.

Can you play a musical instrument? If not, why not get started with a pink heart guitar, just like Love Belle’s? Here’s how to make your own…

Love Belle's Pink Heart Guitar

Love Belle's Pink Heart Guitar

Love Belle’s Pink Heart Guitar

You need

2 x A4 pink card
Milk carton lid
Small cereal box (selection pack size)
Three elastic bands
Cardboard tube
Double-sided sticky tape
Sequins – pink and stars
Glitter glue

  • Cut an A4 sheet of pink card in half, fold it in half (with the longest edge folded) and draw half a heart on it.
  • Place half a milk carton lid in the middle of the heart, on the fold, and draw around it. With the card still folded, cut around the half circle and then cut out the heart shape.
  • Unfold the heart and you’ll see a hole in the middle of a perfect heart. On the sheet of A4 card, cut out an oval shape that’s the same width as the heart.
  • Place the heart on the small cereal box so that the hole is in the centre. Draw around the inside of the circle on the box.
  • Cut out the circle in the box to make a hole and stretch three elastic bands around it.
  • Stick the pink oval below to the front of the box, below the hole. Then stick the heart onto the box, so that the holes line up and the pointed tip of the heart is over the oval.
  • Cut 2cm deep slits all the way round one end of your cardboard tube and fold them back. Trim them a little (if you need to) and stick them to the side of the cereal box to make the guitar neck. It should be coming out of the top of the heart.
  • Use double-sided sticky tape to stick pink paper around the guitar neck.
  • Finish off the front of the guitar with a few pink sequins, lots of silver star sequins and a line of glitter glue – or use loads of glitter glue! (You can never have enough glitter glue and sequins!)

Now all you have to do is twang your guitar and sing along with Love Belle! Why not visit our Magic Music page and twang along to that? You could also make Love Belle’s fab Paper Plate Tambourine to jingle along with or her Super Rain Shaker!

We hope you have fun playing your Pink Heart Guitar! Lots of love from the Magic Belles in Bellevue. xxx

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