Magic Make: Rainbow Wheel

Rainbow Clouds

Rainbow Clouds

Thank you roujo for the lovely photo.If you ever see a rainbow cloud, then it’s your lucky day indeed! They are very rare and special, and appear very high in the sky. They happen when sunlight travels through flat ice crystals inside thin, wispy clouds. They need a sprinkling of magic dust from Rainbow Belle, too of course!

The proper name for a rainbow cloud is a ‘circumhorizontal arc’, but many people call them Fire Rainbows. Inspired by rainbow clouds, we’ve made a colourful rainbow project for you: a beautiful Rainbow Ring!
Here’s how to…

Pom-Pom Rainbow Ring

Pom-Pom Rainbow Ring

Make a Rainbow Ring

You need:

Paper plate
Craft knife or scissors
Glue stick
Tissue paper in lots of colours
Pom-poms in matching colours

  • Before you get started, cut a circle out of the centre of your paper plate using a craft knife or scissors, so that you’re left with the edge of the plate.
  • Fold your tissue paper sheets two or three times and cut one or two long strips off the edge of each colour.
  • Turn over your paper plate and rub glue over one part of it.
  • Stick on the end of a red strip of tissue paper and wind it around and around the edge of the plate, gluing the other end of the strip at the back, too. You might need a few strips to make the red section.
  • Now stick on orange paper strips, then yellow, green, blue, purple and pink strips – until you’ve worked your way around the whole plate.
  • Once your strips are stuck down, glue the inside edge of the plate and stick red pom poms on the red part of the rainbow ring; orange ones on the orange part and so on, all the way round the ring.
  • To finish, wrap a brightly coloured length of ribbon, cotton or ric rac around one of your rainbow wreath colours, tie a knot and hang it from a door or a window to brighten up your day!
  • Paper Shapes Rainbow Ring

    Paper Shapes Rainbow Ring

  • You could even make a rainbow ring by cutting your favourite shapes out of tissue paper and sticking them around the edge of the plate, just like our Flutterbud Friend Dulcie did!

We hope you like Rainbow Belle‘s bright and cheery Rainbow Ring – why don’t you make one for your room? You never know, Rainbow Belle might come and visit you to see how it looks!

Love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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