Magic Make: Tulip Fairy Wand

Tulip Wand

Pretty Tulip Wand

Play fairies in the garden, just like Flower Belle, with a sweet tulip wand! Here’s how to make it…

Make a Tulip Fairy Wand

What you yneed

What you yeed

You need:

Paper tulip template
Colourful card
Sticky gems or glitter
Barbecue skewer or twig
Green paint
Pretty ribbon

  • Paint the skewer green and leave it to dry.
  • Draw around the paper tulip template and cut out three tulip shapes from your colourful card.
  • Fold each card tulip in half down the centre and stick the three folded flowers together so that your tulip has three ‘faces’.
  • Dab the tip of the skewer with glue and push it up into the centre of the flower.
  • Decorate your tulip with sticky gems or glitter and decorate the skewer with pretty ribbon.

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Tulip Wand

Tulip Wand

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