Printable: Make A Posy

Flower Belle's Pretty Printable Bouquet

Flower Belle’s Pretty Printable Bouquet

Do you want to show someone how much you love them? Why not make Flower Belle‘s lovely printable posy or a pretty flower card to give to them? Here’s how to do it…

Flower Belle’s Printable Bouquet

Download your template

Download your template

What you need:

Paper for printing on
Green card

  • Download and print Flower Belle‘s fab printable flowers here.
  • Ask an adult to help you cut out the flowers and dots.
  • Stick a dot in the middle of a small flower and stick a small flower in the middle of a large flower – mix and match the patterns however you like.
  • Glue a button in the centre of the flower. If you don’t have a button, use a mini pom-pom or a sequin.
  • Glue your flower to the top of a straw – we used stripy paper ones.
  • Cut out a leaf shape from your green card and glue it to the straw, too.
  • Put this flower aside to dry and make a whole bouquet, mixing up the colours and patterns.
  • When you’ve finished, put them in a vase or tie a big bow around them and give them to someone special! You could make a lovely card, too.

We hope you have lots of fun making your flowers – be sure to give them to someone flutterly lovely! Lots of love from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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