Special Wonder: Autumn Star

Wave to the Autumn Star!

Wave to the Autumn Star!Thank you Eduardo MariƱo
for the lovely photo.

Autumn is one of Star Belle‘s favourite times of the year!

It’s when she uses her Magic Starlighter to light the Autumn Star. There aren’t many other stars around it, so some people call it the ‘loneliest star’. But, every September, it twinkles extra bright, so you can see it and wave hello! If you look south and low in the sky, you might just see it!

The Autumn Star is part of a constellation known as the Southern Fish, because some people think that when the stars are joined together, like a dot-to-dot, they make a fish shape!

Star Belle loves the fun names for constellations and, as an extra-special treat, she’s made you a printable dot-to-dot of her favourite Bellevue constellations. See if you’re clever enough to work out what they’re called… (we bet you are!).

Love and magic dust from Star Belle and her fairy friends in Bellevue! xxx

Star Belle's Dot-To-Dot Constellations

Star Belle’s Dot-To-Dot Constellations

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