Special Wonder: Colourful Tulips

Colourful Tulips

Flower Belle’s Colourful TulipsThank you Markles55
for the lovely photo.

These colourful cup-shaped flowers bloom in spring and they’re one of Flower Belle‘s favourites. Here are some fun fact about tulips for you…

  • Tulips belong to the Lily family.
  • They should be planted in autumn so that they bloom in time for the spring. The cold winter helps the bulbs to flower.
  • Many years ago in the Ottoman Empire, it was fashionable to wear a tulip in your turban!
  • Tulips originally came from Central Asia but are now popular everywhere, especially in Holland, where they grow many fields of tulips. There are tulip festivals all over the world.
  • There are more than 4,000 different kinds of tulips, including fab parrot tulips, which have colourful, feather-like petals.

Grow a Tulip Garden

Grow a Tulip Garden

Grow your own tulips

Flower Belle is planning to plant lots of tulip bulbs ready for spring. You can plant some, too – it’s easy!

What you need: A packet of bulbs, a hand trowel and a rake.
Where: A sunny spot with well-drained soil or a window box.
When: Between October and December.

1. Use your trowel to dig a hole two to three times deeper than your tulip bulb.
2. Put the bulb in the hole with the thin end pointing upwards. If you plant more than one bulb, space them at least two bulb widths apart.
3. Cover the bulbs with soil and press down gently. Don’t tread on the area where the bulbs are planted, as it could damage them.
4. In the springtime, look out for shoots poking through the soil. Soon you’ll have your own pretty tulips – and Flower Belle will flutter by to sprinkle on some magic dust! Why not make a special Tulip Wand and help them along?

Happy planting and have a special and wonderful week! With love and magic dust from the Magic Belles xxx

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