Special Wonder: Super Star Trails

Super Star Trails!

Super Star Trails!

This week, it’s Star Belle‘s turn to show you one of her favourite special wonders and she has picked sparkly star trails.

Star trails look like pretty paths through the the night sky. The trails belong to the stars and they appear as the earth spins round, but you can only see them if you film them or photograph them. Then, they appear like magic!

Star Belle often stays up all night at Twinkle Towers, taking photos from her special star-gazing dome, so that she can see the star trails. Aren’t they pretty?

Would you like to make your own Star Belle star trails picture without staying up all night? It’s very easy! Here’s how…

Glittery Star Trails

Glittery Star Trails

Make a Star Trail Picture

You need

A4 black or dark blue card
Silver or blue glitter glue
Silver and gold star sequins

  • Start in the centre of your card and squeeze out your glitter glue to make a spiral shape.
  • Now squeeze out curvy lines all around the spiral, gradually getting bigger and longer until the fill they page.
  • If your glue is lumpy in places or gappy, smooth it out with a paintbrush.
  • Before it dries, stick silver and gold star sequins along and at the end of the trails to make your picture extra-sparkly!

That’s exactly the kind of picture that Star Belle loves hanging in her star-gazing dome! Hope you have fun making our super-easy star trail – and make sure you email it to us so we can see it!

Love and magic dust from the Magic Belles in Bellevue xxx

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