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Fairy Acorn Tea Set

Magic Make: Fairy Tea Set

Make this tiny tea set and invite the Magic Belles round for a cute fairy tea party! Here's how to make it... Make a Magic Belles Acorn Fairy Tea Set You need: Acorn caps, big and small Paints Paintbrush Colourful felt Paper (optional) Scissors PVA glue Sticky tack Needle Thread Glitter, gems and sequins Sweeties Paint the inside of four ... more →
Sweetie Surprise Cupcakes

Bake: Sweetie Surprise Cupcakes

Give your little ones the perfect sweet surprise with these fab cupcakes, which come from Cupcake Belle's Secret Recipe Book! Hide their favourite sweeties inside and serve them as a special party treat. Here's how to make them... Cupcake Belle's Sweetie Surprise Cupcakes For the cupcakes: 125g unsalted ... more →
Fly Agaric Mushrooms

Special Wonder: Fairy Rings

Have you ever spotted a perfect ring of mushrooms growing in a forest or park? These are known as fairy rings and according to fairy folklore they’re special, magical places... When it’s damp outside, especially after a rainstorm, lots of mushrooms start popping up out of ... more →
Sweet Succulents

Magic Make: Egg Box Garden

Making a magical mini garden couldn’t be easier! Follow Flower Belle’s simple steps to make your very own garden in an egg box, using super succulents! Make Flower Belle's Egg Box Garden You need: A small selection of succulent plants from the garden centre Empty egg box 4 clean empty ... more →
Rainbow Cupcakes

Bake: Rainbow Cupcakes

There may not be much sunshine in Bellevue at the moment, but we're never lacking in rainbows! In fact, to cheer everyone up, Rainbow Belle has been painting beautiful rainbows everywhere! To thank her friend for making Bellevue a more colourful place, Cupcake Belle got busy ... more →
Sweet Strawberry Pendant

Printable: Strawberry Pendant

Flower Belle has a flutterly lovely craft idea for you – print out our super cute paper strawberry and turn it into a pretty pendant! Why not give it someone special, like your mum? Find out how to make it in easy steps... Make a Sweet ... more →






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