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Flower Belle Star Belle

The Magic Belles are tiny, jingly fairies who live in the colourful valley of Bellevue.

They look after life's special wonders - whether it's a beautiful rainbow arching across the sky or a freshly opened flower... where there's a wonder, there's a Magic Belle!

In our Meet the Belles section, you can find out more about each character and the wonder she looks after. And in Special Wonders, you can see their own personal Spotter's Guides and get inspiration for starting one with your child. There's even a mini Spotter's Guide for you to print out.

Each Magic Belle also has her own unique signature jingle. When a few Magic Belles come together they jingle in harmony and, when all six get together, they create a marvellous, magical symphony! Visit Magic Music to hear it and create your own jingly tunes, too.

Why not encourage your child to arrange the Magic Belles in different orders to hear how their harmonies change?

The Magic Belles are magical, musical, and they're also fun... you can play Dress Up with them, print out lots of art and craft activities in Lovely Goodies and Colouring Fun, and you can read our Super Stories together. We're always adding new content, so please visit again soon.

Flutterbud Club is a safe and special blog where your daughters can become the Magic Belles' Flutterbud Friends - send in a photo and we'll give them a Magic Belles makeover! It's also where we showcase their beautiful Magic Belles art, share photos of Special Wonders and reveal all the latest news from Bellevue.

Finally, Magic Belles is a brand with good values and special wishes:

  1. To help little girls appreciate the many wonders of life.
  2. To celebrate and encourage their talents.
  3. To engage them in the magic of music.

We hope, with your help, that these wishes can come true!

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