Flutters about: Makes and Bakes

Wednesday Wonder: Pancakes!

Yum yum! It’s Pancake Day next Tuesday and hip hip hooray… Cupcake Belle has been cooking up some delicious ideas for you! Pancake Day doesn’t happen all over the … more

A Pancake Party With Easy Peazy!

Cupcake Belle has everything you need to throw a perfect pancake party for your friends in the latest issue of Easy Peazy magazine. As well as a scrummy recipe … more

Bright Butterflies!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to see some bright butterflies fluttering around your garden right now? But it’s winter and most of the colourful butterflies are hiding away! Don’t worry … more

Colourful Crocuses

It’s time for our first Wednesday Wonder of the year and what a fab wonder it is – it always makes Flower Belle jingle with happiness in cold, wintry … more

Rainbow Paper Weaving

The skies may be gloomy, but it’s never grey in Rainbow Belle‘s house! Pot of Gold Place is always bursting with colour – especially at Christmas when Rainbow Belle … more

Christmas Cooking Special in Easy Peazy!

Have you seen the latest issue of Easy Peazy yet? We’re so excited about it as there’s an extra special, four-page Magic Belles Christmas cooking special! You can bake … more

Magic Make: Christmas Tree Cakes!

Yippee! It’s almost Christmas and it’s Cupcake Belle‘s busiest, yummiest time of the year! When she’s not making mince pies and her famous Gingerbread Bells for everyone, she’s whizzing … more

Clever Crafty Butterflies

How lovely are these butterflies, sent in to us by our special Flutterbud Friends, Naima and Dalia? Butterfly Belle adores them! They almost look like our favourite Glasswing Butterflies … more

Snowy Butterflies

It may be too cold for butterflies now, but Butterfly Belle wants you to meet one of her butterfly friends – the Wood White. She loves these little white … more

Brilliant Bulbs

The last of the autumn leaves are falling in Bellevue and every morning is a little more frosty – but that doesn’t stop Flower Belle, because now is the … more